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Weight Loss

RR Yoga Studio in introducing a Weight Loss yoga training programme for its customers who are suffering the insult of obesity.

Home Yoga

Follow home yoga for two months and you will experience the change. This practice will improve your health, heal respiratory deceases and make you physically fit.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a set of poses that emphasis on strength and flexibility of the practitioner. Regular practice if power yoga has an advanced impact on people than the hour-long work out in a gym.

Aerobic Yoga

Aerobic Yoga Aerobic yoga is an advanced level of yoga that enhances cardiovascular activities of the practitioner. This includes sudden and vigorous movements of body that pounds the heart and increase the blood circulation and respiration.


You are one class away from a Yoga Class

While we live a life that is obsessed with materialistic prosperities, we often forget the spiritual pleasures. Yoga is bridge that takes you to spiritual happiness and brings eternal happiness to your life. This wonderful health practice has proved through centuries its amusing power to heal any wounds of life whether it is spiritual or worldly. RR Yoga Studio is your right destination to attain this practice.

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  • Power Yoga
  • Memory Yoga


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