Yoga Therapy

yoga001Yoga therapy is a Vedic practice that has got immense importance in our day to day life. This traditional practice that has transferred through generations is a blessing to the innumerable worries that haunt the modern man. RR yoga studio provides a special course on Yoga therapy for many who lack proper health.

India was a country having a harmonious culture to nature. Our forefathers who had a strong bond with nature had discovered many natural ways of healing diseases such as Ayurveda and Yoga. These two streams of treatment together had developed a physically strong society with high intellectuals. Our ancient monks were great visionaries. They transferred this knowledge through generations orally. This has helped us to live a happy life with nature for centuries. Thus, yoga reached our generation though its importance was significantly ignored.

With the invasion of industrialisation, our lifestyle has changed dramatically and it started affecting us both physically and culturally. Followed by industrialisation came globalisation that has altered our lifestyle as well as food habits. When people started their race of life behind materialistic fortunes, life became a busy schedule between office and bed. The extreme tension produced due to busy work hours and improper food habit has made the generation physically unfit. A set of hitherto non-popular health problems such as cholesterol, obesity, insomnia, fatigue, stress etc became so common among the youngsters.

Unfortunately, most of the youngsters flew to the allopathic way of healthcare to find the solution of these diseases which again resulted in innumerable problems. Health being an extremely marketed commodity has degraded their immunity and each medicine they took resulted in yet another diseases. It is in this unfortunate scenario that Yoga becomes extremely relevant to a whole generation.

Yoga is a Vedic health practice that is natural to grass root level combined with Ayurveda. Yoga therapy includes a set of many physical exercises which assures the movement of each and every voluntary muscle, bone and proper cardiovascular activity. The medicines used during yoga therapy are all natural medicines suggested in Ayurveda medical treatments which assure certain healing with zero side effects.  This therapy will provide you proper exercise with a suggested diet through which you can burn the excessive calorie in your body. This also helps you to breathe properly. Sufficient availability of oxygen in the lungs will give you extreme peace of mind and focus.

Now, join our Yoga therapy course to enjoy a healthy future with a peaceful mind. Registration is on.